Fertilizer Tank

  Fertilizer Tanks : Teleflo fertilizer tanks are manufactured to suit fertilizer and chemical injection coupled through irrigation nozzles and sprinklers


  • Carbon steel, CS TO IS 2062, SA516 GR B
    Coated with more than 80 micron thick coloured epoxy powder from both inside and outside surface for protection against corrosion and weather effects.
    Turbulent inlet arrangement ensures thorough mixing of chemicals and / or fertilizers

    Separate valves can be provided on the inlet & outlet to control the injection rate.

    Wide opening with a screwed rubber o ring lid provides for easy pouring of stock solution..

    Off centered Drain to flush the tank.

    Maximum working pressure 10 kg/cm² (142 psi).

    Available in 30, 60, 90, 120 & 160 liter capacity.

    Double dished ends, Flat bottom type and legged tanks can be supplied


Fertilizer Tank